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Look to Us for Solution Installation & Kit Support

When it’s time to install a new security system, be sure to work with a company you can trust. The Midwest community relies on the experts at On Sight 24/7 for a wide breadth of knowledge in security systems and a quick and streamlined installation process. Our team can help you design your next security system, choose surveillance camera placement, and handle the installation details. From step one to do, you can rely on On Sight 24/7.

security cameras on light pole

Expect Excellence From On Sight 24/7

Our team is proud to hold itself to a high standard of excellence. When you partner with us, you can expect nothing less than world-class service. Reach out to our staff for help with the following:

Solution Installation

Once you know what security solution best meets your needs, it’s time to schedule installation. Our team will work with a trusted local contractor to have your system up and running in no time. We understand security is an urgent need, so we strive to provide rapid service that doesn’t compromise quality.

Kit Support

Even the best systems malfunction sometimes. When a problem occurs, our technology experts are here to help. Our support team is always available to you to ensure your system is running efficiently and you can continue with business as usual.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Mitchell business owners trust On Sight 24/7 for our comprehensive services and dedication to quality. With a proven track record of excellent results, our team is known throughout the community for consistency and reliability. Plus, our support team is here for you even after installation, answering questions, and addressing concerns as they arise. We have you covered, no matter which of our services you request.

Security Cameras for Farms, Homes, and Small Business